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Gender: Male
Villain Type: Boss/General
Season: Megaforce
First Appearance: Mega Mission
Last Appearance: End Game (Megaforce)
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Actor: Jason Hood

Vrak[1] is a member of the Warstar and second heir to the throne younger brother of prince veker and favorite son of emperor mavro, enemies of the Mega Rangers. He is second-in-command to Admiral Malkor after the insectoids were defeated he became a cyborg to defeat the ranger before the armada arrived but they destroyed the messenger and metal alice but he went into hiding after his brother defeat he launched his final attack but was finally killed by troy.

Character HistoryEdit

Unlike his buggy cohorts, Vrak is alien royalty and has access to advanced technology like the Zombats. His royal family owns the Aurora Box, a powerful box which can supercharge anyone. Dream Snatcher Smarter than the average alien, Vrak would rather rule the Earth than destroy it.

At some point in his life, Vrak joined Warstar to prove his worth to his Royal Family.

Vrak first encountered the Mega Rangers in his Earth Armor. He tested the Rangers with Loogies to test their fighting skills. Seeing how the Rangers defeated the Loogies with ease, Vrak left the scene. United We Stand During his next encounter with the Power Rangers, Vrak (without his Earth Armor) deals with them personally while Dizchord plays his music to annoy the world and to supercharge the Loogies. When Dizchord was defeated, Vrak retreated. Harmony and Dizchord

Vrak incites Creepox to confront face-to-face with the Red Ranger. Vrak appears in his Earth Armor and is witnessing the destruction of Creepox. Vrak calls Creepox a fool, but he think that "we" can use him one final time and calls his Zombats to make Creepox huge. But Creepox is destroyed by the Rangers. Who's Crying Now?

Hearing about the Toxic Beasts, Vrak recruited them under the order of Admiral Malkor. To blend in with the Toxic Beasts, Vrak would often go to his Earth Armored form when around them. When Vrak heard about Robo Knight, he came up with a plan to capture Robo Knight and bend him to his will. Robo Knight To complete the task, Vrak summoned Psychotick to capture Robo Knight. When Robo Knight was captured, Robo Knight was placed in a cage to drain him of his energies. During Robo Knight's final moments, the Rangers arrived to free him. Eventually Robo Knight escaped (having been convinced that Vrak is evil) and defeated Vrak and Psychotic. Having survived the attack, Vrak retreated. Prince Takes Knight

Overhearing about the Power Rangers talking about the Wild Sword while examining an insect, Vrak embarked on a quest to claim the Wild Sword from the Black Mountains. He sent Distractor to distract the Power Rangers. Finding out the Wild Sword is protected by a force field, Vrak tricked the Rangers into retrieving it. Vrak proceeded to test it's power on a city, and the Rangers clashed for control. After discovering that the Wild Sword would only obey the Rangers, Troy risked his life to claim it. Failing to hold on to it's power, the power of the Wild Sword was transferred to Troy. As a last ditch effort to defeat the Rangers, Vrak left the scene after realizing he was no match against the Rangers in Ultra Mode and had Distractor and his Phantoms warrior's finish the Rangers, to no avail. Ultra Power

Sometime later, Vrak presented to Bigs and Bluefur the Aurora Box. He had it tested on the Dream Snatcher. Although Dream Snatcher was defeated, Vrak still had Bigs and Bluefur use the Aurora Box in their next mission. Dream Snatcher

"At last my underwater lab is complete. From here, I can finally launch my new to destroy the Power Rangers and conquer this planet. All the efforts of the Insectoid monsters have proven ineffective. They weren't powerful enough to achieve real results. It's time for a new force to rise. The era of the robot has arrived. "

Some time after Bigs and Bluefur's demise, Vrak established an underwater layer and created a robot army. He placed his first creation, Metal Alice in command. The Human Factor When Malkor rested in his cocoon, Vrak saw an opportunity to prove his worth to his Royal Family. He had Metal Alice do two onslaughts, but failed. Rico the Robot Staying on Track

When Malkor awakened from his cocoon, Vrak participated in the Invasion of Earth. His role was to crush the Warstar Ship annihilating the entire city. Before the Warstar Ship crashed to Earth, the Rangers blasted Malkor using the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord to the ship, causing an explosions. The Human Condition This would not mark the end of Vrak as Metal Alice turned him into a menacing cyborg. The Messenger (episode)

Some time after Vrak's revival, the Messenger arrived to Earth. He said he came from Prince Vekar's Armada. Vrak, Metal Alice and the Messenger led an assault against the Rangers. Though they could've killed the Rangers, Vrak wanted them to suffer so they left the scene. The Messenger A day later, the trio led another assault. This time Vrak used his powers to nullify the Ranger's powers. Since Robo Knight wasn't affected, he used the remainder of his powers to restore the Ranger's powers. Vrak had Metal Alice self destruct on the Rangers, but failed to do so and Vrak killed her for her failure. When the Messenger was defeated, the alien Armada has arrived. Now as a head, the Messenger told Vrak to run as none of the Armada would recognize him now that he is a cyborg and went into hiding. End Game

After prince veker was defeated vrak returned to complete his mission and earn his fathers approval first constructed a massive drill and captured orian as a power source and than ambushed the rangers and thanked them for destroying his foolish brother and after defeating them corrupted and turned robo knight in to his servant before summoning his two commanders tresnag and drill horn and after allowing the rangers to destroy them they became the sea and air drills allowing him to drill in to the earths core and destroy it but robo knight was freed of his spell and rescued orian but was too damaged to help them while vrak activated the drills when the rangers confronted him for the last time.

Though he was a match for them in ultra mode and crushed their finishing move in his hand they refused to give up and resumed the fight as a eclipse darkened the earth and he prepared to use all his dark powers to speed up the drills they managed to send his own attack back at em but he survived and just when all seemed lost troy harnessed the eclipse as they combined their powers to perform a infinite sky strike attack and sliced him in half vrak than crashed to the ground and his armor exploded finally destroying him for good with his defeat the drills dissipated ending his threat to the planet for good.


Vrak is portrayed as intelligent, as he is seen coming up with complex plans to take over Earth and having access to advanced technology. Before taking over planets such as Earth, Vrak believes that he should study the planet before starting an invasion. If there are lifeforms on a planet, he would rather turn them into minions rather than exterminate them. Additionally if there are other evil forces, Vrak would recruit them. Before appearing to them Vrak would appear in a different form, as seen as when Vrak recruited the Toxic Beasts.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Vrak has the ability to make the monsters-of-the-day grow using specialty creatures called "Zombats".
  • Energy Blasts
  • Teleportation

Vrak's formsEdit

Throughout his time battling the Mega Rangers, Vrak changes his form several times.

File:Buredoran of the Comet.jpg

Vrak first appears to the Rangers as an agent of the Warstar aliens. This is the form he uses the most at first, especially when around Malkor and/or Creepox in the Warstar Spaceship. It is both tree hopper-themed and comet-themed. He is armed with a lance, and he can fire an energy blast with his hand.


Vrak's Earth Armor form is an evolved fighting form reminiscent of the toxic beasts. It is used to battles with the Mega Rangers on Earth, and also around the Toxic Beasts, because he's the intermediary between Malkor and the Beasts. It's Chupacabra-themed.


Cyborg Vrak is the result of Metal Alice's diabolical machinations. She rebuilds him in this form, after he is presumably destroyed in his Earth Armor form.


Vrak has another form yet unknown to the Rangers. Megaforce Intro


  • In Power Rangers Megaforce Mega Bloks, Vrak's Earth Armor is named Vrax [2].

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