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The VS World, also known as the Team-up Universe by any variations or mixes of the terms given refer to a fan re-canonization theory of the Super Sentai stories, particularly by supplanting all the Super Sentai Team-ups and placing them in their own universe. Note that this wiki does not support this concept.


The usual idea is that all the Super Sentai exist in its own universe except for a few. While Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger was intended by Toei as a series that brings all the Super Sentai show together, fans with the VS World viewpoint believe it as the culmination of all teamups. Thus most everything that happened to each sentai in their own series also happened in Gokaiger, but the sentai in their original show and the sentai in Gokaiger are parallel-universe versions of each other.


The idea is "supported" by a few key points.

  • Almost every year, the world, or Japan-specifically Tokyo, at least, faces apocalyptic-scale threats (either in the beginning or end) of an episode. The only rangers who face them in each show are the ones who are IN the show.
  • The sentai rangers only "coexist" when their respective threats somehow combine forces (in teamup specials).
  • Offspring of teamup villains appear.
  • The extinction of dinosaurs happened differently in each "universe".[1]
  • In Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger, Sky Ninja Shurikenger was killed during the final battle with Tau Zant and a successor is eventually chosen; however in the crossover universe, he is still alive and "appears when needed", such as during the Abaranger crossover and the Legend War.
  • In Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, Enetron is used in Japan, and Enetron tanks are in certain districts. Also the year is referred to as N.C. 2012.
  • Ultimately, all Sentai heroes have encountered one another in certain times and situations. Though the first modern encounter between heroes in the VS specials occurred in 1996, two previous occurrences in 1989 and in 1994 has allowed for all of the teams after the two Ishinomori-based seasons to encounter one another and know of each other's existence. By 2001, all teams, including the two Ishinomori ones, have connected, allowing for all to exist within this universe.

List of Known "Worlds" in the VS World TheoryEdit

The VS World logic cascades to the point that almost each Super Sentai team is in its own world with some exceptions.


While this logic has its merits, Toei has not acknowledged the separation outright.

  • VS Films and Gokaiger retain the vast majority of important elements from each series.
  • TV series (particularly long ones) and comics have shown single continuities with plot holes and inconsistencies. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger is indicative of a "joining" effort, in that while some of the series minimally contradict each other, the greater amount of elements in each series still combine to make up for Gokaiger's backstory.
  • Toei has never named the "worlds", unlike the deliberate acknowledgement they had for Template:KR where each world did have a separate continuity, and where the World of Shinkenger, while outsight named, meshed with Samurai Sentai Shinkenger's continuity.
  • Super Hero Taisen acknowledged that all Super Sentai exist in the same world. Enetron tanks are seen in various districts, but not in all. Furthermore Kamen Riders also exist in the same universe. Though in addition to main reality, a hazy pocket dimension was shown, used to "remove" the Super Sentai and Kamen Riders from existence before the final battle in the movie.

Use in this WikiEdit

Like with all the more recent efforts, this wiki strives to officially source all the Super Sentai elements found in the wiki pages. As such, fan theory such as the VS World will not be applied to Ranger Sentai Wiki content. Thus the wiki only recognizes two separate "worlds" as explicitly stated in Super Sentai.

  • The world where all Super Sentai exist.
  • The "prime" world where Akibaranger takes place. Here all 37 previous sentai are merely television shows. It differs from the real world however, as the Metal Heroes Series are different.
  • The world where Dobutsu Sentai Go-Busters exist.

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