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This section lists all the official names of characters and objects in Power Rangers. Note that while variance occurs, coming from a standpoint of being unnamed, a hierarchy is followed. "No in-show names"<Other Guides<Toys<In-Show Names. Exceptions are when toy and show names are identical, but the toy name is prefixed. The first featured names in each segment below are used in this wiki.

Ranger DesignationsEdit

Core RangersEdit

Note: Format illustrated by Red Ranger. Power Rangers Action Card Game names are lowest priority as they usually differ from in-show format. Also they all retain a format of Title, Color or Color, Title, Ranger.

  • Red Ranger
  • Red Aquitar Ranger (morph call)
    • Alien Ranger (in reference to not being human)
    • Aquitian Ranger (in reference to race)

Sixth RangersEdit

  • Green Ranger
  • White Ranger
  • Gold Ranger (show and toyline refer to him only as Gold Ranger)
  • Phantom Ranger
  • Silver Ranger (show and toyline refer to him only as Silver Ranger)
  • Magna Defender
  • Titanium Ranger
  • Quantum Ranger
  • Lunar Wolf Ranger
  • Samurai Ranger
    • Green Samurai Ranger
  • White Dino Ranger
  • Omega Ranger
  • Solaris Knight
    • Solaris Ranger ( circa Megaforce)
  • Mercury Ranger
  • Ranger Operator Series Gold (Dr.K's designation)/Ranger Gold (Dr. K's shorter designation)
  • Ranger Operator Series Silver (Dr.K's designation)/Ranger Silver (Dr. K's shorter designation)
  • Gold Samurai Ranger/Samurai Ranger Light
  • Robo Knight

Ranger NamesEdit

Mighty MorphinEdit

  • Zack (TV OP, 2nd corrected 8" figure and 1st auto-morphin' figure)


  • Troy Burrows (
    • Troy Burroughs (31" giant action figure)


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Mighty Morphin (season 1)Edit

  • Sabertooth Tiger (all 90's and 2010 toys)
    • Saber-toothed Tiger (one of universally accepted animal names)
  • Mastodon (morph call, zord call and 2010 toys)

File:Megazord names.jpg

Mighty Morphin (season 2)Edit

  • Tyrannosaurus Red Dragon Thunderzord (all zord calls)
    • Red Dragon Thunderzord (90's toys)
  • Mastodon Lion Thunderzord (all zord calls)
    • Lion Thunderzord (90's toys)
  • Sabertooth Tiger Griffin Thunderzord (all zord calls)
    • Griffin Thunderzord (90's toys)
  • Pterodactyl Firebird Thunderzord (all zord calls)
    • Firebird Thunderzord (90's toys)
  • Triceratops Unicorn Thunderzord (all zord calls)
    • Unicorn Thunderzord (90's toys)
  • White Tigerzord (zord calls and 90's toys)
  • Thunder Megazord (most Megazord calls and 90's toys)

Mighty Morphin (season 3)Edit

  • Red Ape Ninjazord (debut episode Ninja Quest)
    • Ape Ninjazord (90's toys)
  • Blue Wolf Ninjazord (debut episode Ninja Quest)
    • Wolf Ninjazord (90's toys)
  • Yellow Bear Ninjazord (debut episode Ninja Quest)
    • Bear Ninjazord (90's toys)
  • Black Frog Ninjazord (debut episode Ninja Quest)
    • Frog Ninjazord (90's toys)
  • Pink Crane Ninjazord (debut episode Ninja Quest)
    • Ape Ninjazord (90's toys)
  • White Ninja Falconzord (debut episode Ninja Quest)
    • Falconzord (90's toys)


All zord names were given in the show. Spellings were provided by the toys.

  • Zeo Zord I, II, III, IV, and V
  • Super Zeo Zord I, II, III, IV, and V


All zord names (except for BullZord) were given in the show. Spellings were provided by the toys.

  • Lion FoldingZord
    • LionZord (Bandai and Mega Bloks toys)
  • Bear FoldingZord
    • BearZord (Bandai and Mega Bloks toys)
  • Dragon FoldingZord
    • DragonZord (Bandai and Mega Bloks toys)
  • Ape FoldingZord
    • ApeZord (Bandai and Mega Bloks toys)
  • Turtle FoldingZord
    • TurtleZord (Bandai toy instructions only)
  • SharkZord (Bandai toys)
  • BeetleZord (Bandai toys)
  • TigerZord (Bandai toys)
  • SwordfishZord (Bandai toys)
  • OctoZord (Bandai toys)
  • LightZord (Bandai toys)
  • ClawZord
  • BullZord (episode title The BullZord)


  • Gosei Great Megazord (toys and ACG)
  • Zords (headders) and Mechazords (full Zords) (ACG)
  • Sky Brothers Zords (ACG-toy card)
  • Sea Brothers Zords (ACG-both toys and card pack cards)
    • Aqua Brothers Zords (ACG-card pack card)
  • Land Brothers Zords (ACG-both toys and card pack cards)
    • Terra Brothers Zords (ACG-card pack card)
  • Vulcan Cannon Zord (ACG-card pack card)
  • Ultra Change Zord (ACG-toy card)
  • Ultra Gosei Great Megazord (ACG-toy card)
    • Hyper Gosei Great Megazord (ACG-card pack card)
  • Gosei Jet/Gosei Jet Megazord (ACG-card pack cards)
  • Gosei Ultimate Megazord (toy and ACG-card pack cards)


Mighty MorphinEdit

File:Battle Bike.jpg
  • Battle Bikes (90's toyline. didn't appear in show except for seconds of original footage)



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Special casesEdit

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