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On Wikia,Ranger Sentai Wiki is the English-language Power Rangers Wiki. The Wiki will document all information regarding both the American Power Rangers and some Japanese Super Sentai series, to include characters, powers, settings, and timelines. The goal of Ranger Sentai Wiki is to become a collaborative repository for all Power Rangers and some Super Sentai information. The Wiki was founded by the user RangerKR123.


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Currently editing over 63 articles.

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Power Rangers and Super Sentai

(Power Rangers numbers correspond to the number of the adapted season, not the season number)

Tokkyuger (38)
Icon-akibaranger2 Akibaranger s2 (EX)
Icon-kyoryuger Kyoryuger (37)
Icon-akibaranger Akibaranger (EX)
Icon-gobusters Go-Busters (36)
Super Megaforce (21) Icon-gokaiger Gokaiger (35)
Megaforce (20) Icon-goseiger Goseiger (34)
Super Samurai (19) Icon-prss
Samurai (18) Icon-samurai Shinkenger (33)
RPM (17) Icon-rpm Go-Onger (32)
Jungle Fury (16) Icon-prjf Gekiranger (31)
Operation Overdrive (15) Icon-oo Boukenger (30)
Mystic Force (14) Icon-mf Magiranger (29)
S.P.D. (13) Icon-spd Dekaranger (28)
Dino Thunder (12) Icon-dt Abaranger (27)
Ninja Storm (11) Icon-prns Hurricaneger (26)
Wild Force (10) Icon-prwf Gaoranger (25)
Time Force (09) Icon-prtf Timeranger (24)
Lightspeed Rescue (08) Icon-prlr GoGo-V (23)
Lost Galaxy (07) Icon-prlg Gingaman (22)
In Space (06) Icon-is Megaranger (21)
Turbo (05) Icon-turbo Carranger (20)
Zeo (04) Icon-zeo Ohranger (19)
Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers (s03b) Icon-mmar
Mighty Morphin 3 (s03a) Icon-kakuranger Kakuranger (18)
Mighty Morphin 2 (s02) Icon-dairanger Dairanger (17)
Mighty Morphin 1 (s01) Icon-zyuranger Zyuranger (16)
Icon-jetman Jetman (15)
Icon-fiveman Fiveman (14)
Icon-turboranger Turboranger (13)
Icon-liveman Liveman (12)
Icon-maskman Maskman (11)
Icon-flashman Flashman (10)
Icon-changeman Changeman (09)
Icon-bioman Bioman (08)
Icon-dynaman Dynaman (07)
Icon-gogglev Goggle V (06)
Icon-sunvulcan Sun Vulcan (05)
Icon-denjiman Denziman (04)
Icon-battlefeverj Battle Fever J (03)
Icon-jakq J.A.K.Q. (02)
Icon-goranger Gorenger (01)