This article is about a/an recurring device in the Power Rangers franchise.

In this category are the Megazords listed in the order they appear as well as alphabeticaly (in the alphabetized category list below).

A Megazord is a combination of multiple Zords (However, on a few occasions, there are Megazords that aren't composed of multiple Zords, such as the Delta Megazord). Normally the first Zords of the Rangers can combine to an Megazord. Most Megazords have a special sword, and some have more combinations with other Zords.

Primary MegazordsEdit

This is a list of primary Megazords that the rangers begin with early in each series/season.

List of MegazordsEdit

Mighty Morphin 
All Megazord Transformations Complete Version

All Megazord Transformations Complete Version



In Space

Lost Galaxy

Lightspeed Rescue

Time Force

Wild Force

Ninja Storm

Dino Thunder

Space Patrol Delta

Mystic Force

Operation Overdrive

Jungle Fury


Samurai/Super Samurai

Megaforce/Super Megaforce

Alphabetical ListsEdit