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Gender: Male
Villain Type: General
Season: Power Rangers Megaforce
First Appearance: Mega Mission
Last Appearance: Who's Crying Now?
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Actor: Mark Mitchinson

Creepox[1] is a member of Warstar, enemies of the Power Rangers Megaforce. Like Vrak, he is one of Malkor's generals. Unlike Vrak, with whom he disagrees frequently, he is driven by rage, choosing to conquer and destroy with force and brute strength. He is both mantis-themed and meteor-themed.


This overgrown bug wants to squash the Earth with brutal force. He is also obsessed with taking down the Red Ranger by himself. He is primarily sent down to Earth to explore it unnoticed. One day he bumped into Troy (the Red Ranger) stating that the two will duel one day.

Later, Creepox decided to deal with the Red Ranger personally while his monster Dragonflay deals with the other Rangers. Seeing that the Red Ranger is pretty good, he decided to return to the Warstar ship just to give the Red Ranger time to improve for another encounter. As a result he left Dragonflay to his doom making Creepox's attack a failure.

File:Normal 7-325.jpg

Even later still, Creepox decided to take out all of the Rangers, while still maintaining a grudge against Troy. During this mission, he removed his silver armor and revealed he could attack by blasting powerful Meteor Shots. He proved strong enough to endure most of the Rangers attacks and weapons. He was eventually, and initially destroyed, by Troy and his sword. He was revived and enlarged by Vrak, and the Zombats, where he once again wore his silver armor. While enlarged, Creepox could now blast electric attacks from his pinchers, in addition to his signature Galaxy Meteor Shots. After being pummeled by Creepox, Gosei gave the Mega Rangers, care of Troy, the ability to form the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord, which destroyed Creepox with its' Victory Charge Ultra Mega Strike Who's Crying Now?.

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File:Dereputa.jpg Creepox mostly appears with his armor in Episode 7 he was not wearing his armor

File:Dereputa Wounded.jpg In only episode 7 he comes without his armor to earth and throwed his meteor shots

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