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Requirements for pagesEdit

Please ensure that each page has the correct article templates and infoboxes. Also insert appropriate categories (as specific but accurate as possible). Notable examples are:

Newly-Initiated ProjectsEdit

  • Add team categories
    • The objective of this is so that when people refer to teams in pages, it'll be easy to reference the members ONLY and not the entire show's page.
    • Add ranger team category to ranger pages i.e. the category 'Mega Rangers' is added to Noah, Gia, Megaforce Silver, Robo Knight, Emma, Troy and Jake's pages.
    • Make a redirect page to the category i.e. Mega Rangers page redirects to Category:Mega Rangers.
  • Merge lists into categories
    • Category:Megazords now contains all Megazord lists.
  • Overly long articles are broken up into smaller groups.
    • Megazord contains all component pages. Add-on zord contains info about combo (i.e. White Tigerzord contains info for Mega Tigerzord). Carrierzord contains info for Ultrazord. For guides see zord pages for MMPR, RPM, Samurai.
    • Lengthy arsenal pages have the longer items removed, placed in a unique page, then shortened and directed for ease of use. i.e. Arsenal (Samurai) no longer has all the info on the weapons as the only weapon is the Spin Sword and it transforms into several forms, thus the page has a short description of the Spin Sword and the weapons it can become and links to the page Spin Sword.
    • Morphing calls and Morphing sequences pages have been removed, with their contents moved to Morphers, which is a camouflaged category page. In the same way, images from Zord cockpits pages have been moved to their respective zords and megazords.
  • Cleanups apply for Sentai and PR.